We are known for quality education, highly disciplined teaching methodology, authenticity & transparency. The students are greatly benefited from highly competent & passionate faculties and their innovative methodologies of teaching. We have earned the confidence & respect not only of students but also of parents.

Proficient Teachers

Teachers play a crucial role in determining whether their students learn successfully. We are a team of young, dynamic and passionate teachers, with an enthusiasm not just to enrich our students in academic but to inspire them to be a good human.

Interactive Teaching

Teachers engage students in learning activities that lead to a higher level of understanding and result in the student’s ability to apply what he learned. Interactive teaching is a two-way process of active participant engagement with each other, the teacher, and the content. We use and apply Latest teaching tools, technologies, and methods in order to provide students the best learning possible. Students feel physically and emotionally safe. They see the classroom as a place where they can be themselves and express themselves and their ideas without judgment. Students are valued and respected, regardless of other factors such as ability, gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, or religion. Standards of behaviour are established and are consistently and equitably enforced for all students. There is a positive rapport (relationship) between the teacher and students and among students in the class.


Every student is an enthusiastic scientist in the making, and they spend part of their school time in laboratory. They try to explore, probe and experiment to find the truth behind the facts of life, to solve problems, to fend off madness and chaos that result out of ignorance and preconceived notions.

Laboratories are stimulating places for Science students and since our children need to, practice their hands on experiments. The Physics, Chemistry & Biology Laboratories at RIMS Junior College cater to the needs of HSC experiments. As many as 40 students can perform a wide range of experiments simultaneously while the teachers and lab-assistants always at hand provide constant supervision and guidance for optimum results. Projects can be developed of a very superior standard thereby encouraging investigative analysis and reasoning.