A B.Tech. in Aerospace, Aeronautical, and Astronautical Engineering and currently leading India’s First Space School- Vyomika Space Academy, Mr. Govind Yadav’s vision, through activities in various schools, is to build the next generation of aerospace engineers, space scientists, astrophysicists, and astronauts for the world.
A session on ISRO by Mr. Yadav included the origin of the universe, space settlement of humanity, space research mining, search for extra-terrestrial life forms, and many more. He could connect easily with the students by relating the ideas to their favorite Sci-fi movies and characters.
The motive of the session was to create awareness about the Indian Space Research Organisation and its achievements among students. The student clapped with surprise and joy as Mr. Yadav made them aware of the achievements of ISRO which included the world record of launching a hundred and four satellites and detecting the presence of water on the moon in 2008 which was not discovered by any other country.
The most interesting part of the session was the future missions of ISRO:
Aditya L1, Chandrayan 3, Gaganyaan, and, The idea of Vyomnauts
He concluded the session by encouraging students to take Space Science as a career and contribute to the growth of our country.
Our Principal, Ms. Seema Sharma felicitated Mr. Govind Yadav and Ms. Reshu Agarwal, the founder of BRAIN WORLD, where she focuses on science practical experiments and competitions.
The session was followed by the National Space Art competition which included interesting topics like My Alien friend, Space Vehicle, My Exo Planet, My Cosmic Canvas, etc. The students participated with great enthusiasm.