“A true RIMS Junior College graduate is one who is resilient, adaptable, and dreams with determination.”

We heartily welcome you to our website. You being here gives us the idea that you would love to know more about RIMS Junior College. RIMS has always believed in nurturing the students, giving them wings to fly in the global sky. Keeping this thought process in mind we here at RIMS mentor our students into becoming lifelong learners with leading capabilities, risk takers, balanced communicators, and global citizens.

Today’s world is fiercely competitive and to rule this world, a calm mind with a balanced approach to the much-required knowledge and skill in an individual is the mandatory requirement. RIMS prepares the students to become a part of this global community. Here we cultivate values and instil them in our students which become a part of their system, and this is done through our curricula, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities.

As the Principal of RIMS Junior College, I am committed to ensuring that our students are provided with:

  • A holistic experience that develops a child’s intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and creative potential.
  • An inquiry-based experience, where students actively question, explore,

discover, and problem-solve.

  • A culture that values student agency, where students have the power to

direct and take responsibility for their learning.

  • A collaborative environment that encourages open-mindedness, empathy,

communication, and organization.

  • The effective use of technology to support and enhance learning.
  • Exceptional facilities to support teaching and learning.
  • Qualified and well-experienced teachers who care not only about students’

academic progress but also their well-being.

  • An overall experience that is meticulous, rewarding, and pleasurable!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Best Regards,

Seema Sharma


RIMS Junior College